Fresh Off the Boat, Season 1 Episode 9 Review: “License to Sell”

(Beware, spoilers’ below!)

We start off as Jessica starts taking her realtor’s job seriously – even though she doesn’t have a license. In the Huang family his dad gets a new big delivery but Eddie doesn’t care because he’s too busy preoccupied with Nicole. His dad advises him to be wherever Nicole will be whilst his mum decides to try the realtor exam, but ends up running out at the last minute.

Eddie looks to find more advice to bond with Nicole after she blows him off and he ends up getting his ear pierced because he far too smitten. Honey tries to get Jessica to take the test, but to no avail. She manages to cover it up until Honey ends up telling Louis because she’s concerned.

Eddie goes home and and though his parents are mad over the earring and henna they tell him to be herself and not pretend to like stuff he doesn’t. Jessica manages to finally get her license, much to the delight of her family.

Once more, Constance Wu steals the show as Jessica Huang, who demonstrates deeper insight into her character than just an overly driven micromanaging mother. By contrast Eddie’s story showed some nice development, even if his repetition of the word ‘girl’ was slightly annoying. He finally seems to be settling in and given that the first few episode of the show were all hinged round the premise of struggling to fit in, I wonder how much more the show has to tell on that front. Even though this week’s offering was not as amusing as the previous episode, we also got a rare chance to see more interactions between the youngest boys and Louis, something which doesn’t happen all that often – and which was utterly adorable. As for interactions with Louis, we actually got to see him talk to Honey, a side character that’s used in just about the right doses and is downright charming. She’s a reminder than even if Jessica has struggles, she still has support outside of the family unit.


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