Episodes, Season 4 Episode 5: Review

(Beware, spoilers’ below!)

Matt’s been given bad news: that he his old money man also failed to pay his taxes, leaving him owing 7.9 million in tax to the government. Morning suggests to Matt that they make a sex tape together to make some money, the idea of which he balks at until she reveals she has an old sex tape of the two of them. He doesn’t remember and she gets infuriated.

At a dinner with Sean and Bev Tim appeals to work with them, and reveals that Aileen Jaffey signed Tim too. Matt’s also angry that he’s been getting no new parts from his agent but is told that he’ll get $500,000 dollars to show up at a party for a dictator. Carol meets with Merc who reveals he once had a fling with Helen. Matt invites Bev and Sean to the dictator’s party but they’re shocked about how Matt’s willing to ‘endorse evil’ in order to get some money.

Carol tells Helen about what Merc said and she unleashes all her bad feelings over what she did with Merc. Things just get more awkward from there… Sean and Bev aren’t having a great idea either and that’s mainly due to Bev’s bad feelings towards Tim. Sean asks Bev to give it a shot for him, and she agrees.

Morning brings in her old sex tape with Matt to prove they did it together. Sean, Bev and Tim goes for a network meeting together and it just gets more and more awkward until Sean puts down an ultimatum: either him and Bev or just Tim. Sean says that if Tim stays on the show won’t work, whereas if he leaves he could still end up making a ton of money. At the dictator’s party Matt runs into… David Schwimmer! The two trade stories with one another and Matt’s jaw drops when he finds out David’s being paid double what he is to appear!

The bonus of David Schwimmer’s cameo makes for another great episode of Episodes (I’ll never get sick seeing that). Episodes has shown how it thrives on its smart and witty dialogue via some sharp back and forths. Carol manages to be front and centre with both Merc and Helen, and thank go we get Tim out of the way: Sean the hero! As usual, Matt’s storyline manages to parody the Hollywood set and I wonder, torn between half a million and potentially endorsing a murderous dictator, what would you choose?


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